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This is the Authorsite of Robin G.Howard creator of the JIM LONG SPACE AGENT series  UPDATE  STARTIME  2014-  you are now  at Years ago Ian Fleming created the British spy James Bond his character is now known world wide  by books and Feature films. Once again a new character created years ago by Leslie Charteris in a novel now known world wide and  then transformed into a film and TV series. HAVE YOU HEARD OF DICK BARTON SPECIAL AGENT? A wonderful series created for radio in the 1940’s - The three characters Dick, Snowy and jock listened to for 15 minutes every weekday night by millions of UK radio listeners followed by several films. A wonderful film series in the 1930’s taken from comic books and shown in episodic form on film at  your local cinema. Featuring Flash, Dale and the professor. DID YOU SEE THE ADVENTURES OF DAN DARE PILOT of  the FUTURE? Created by the Eagle comic in the 1950’s becoming a long running 15 minute weekday radio serial on Radio Luxembourg. Dan, and Digby from Wigan. A similar formulae - read the adventures of Jim, Gail and Norman by Robin G Howard as they voyage  in space and the astral world. Click on the cover below for the full info or the INFO video. DO YOU REMEMBER FLASH GORDON? HAVE YOU SEEN THE THRILLING Dr WHO in 3D? HAVE YOU READ THE BOOKS of HARRY POTTER? Mysteries Unexplained Mystery Books Entertainment News Items iliadreader - Your source for science fiction on the net! Webring Jim Long space agent Mobi Pocket books with Jim Long Link for Jim Long sfsite We are not alone link Jim Long book link-quantummuse Redpepperbooks-Jim Long link Robin G Howard-authors den link Jim Long books-Amazon Ancient ones of light-Biblio Book depository-Robin G Howard Libraries Australia-Jim Long space agent Redpepper books S.Africa-Jim Long link Robin G Howard - Biblion books Topiccraze-Jim Long space agent Chegg rental - Jim Long Jim Long book sales-webring Fantastic fiction - The White Hole Fantastic fiction - Ancient ones of light Jim Long - viva street Robin G Howard MobiPocket books Jim Long at wisecat Mind-like-water with Jim Long Jim Long in Programmers Heaven bbr-online with Jim Long Psychic Thinker at Tradebit Wholinkstome Jim Long Expert articles - Jim Long Have you read James Bond? WHY NOT TRY JIM LONG SPACE AGENT? HAVE YOU READ THE STORIES of the SAINT? Created for TV years ago now known and seen by millions on TV and film. Books and films have made this a cinema blockbuster around the world. Other Great Adventures Click on the underlined items Quantum Muse Directory Short Stories for East of the Web Introduction AUTHOR ONLINE Search Engine - Artwork by Keith J
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         ‘….Divine Fanaticism is an easy, enjoyable book to read. Told in an uncomplicated style that should engage both young and old, the pace is fast and the humour very prevalent. There are a great deal of ideas explored in the book, with of course the main theme of religious fanaticism running throughout. The principle protagonist Jim Long is a very interesting and larger than life character and along with others keep the novel from becoming too serious. Although this is the fourth novel in the Jim Long series, it's not necessary to have read any of the previous novels and the book works very well as a stand alone story.
           Overall Divine Fanaticism is fun and refreshing, the story easygoing and the heavy religious subject matters are very much tongue in cheek, the story has a very strong sense of the classic pulp science fiction novels of the mid 20th century. A pleasant book to read and one that should appeal to all ages…’ SF

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Robin G Howard
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….a very clever idea – it works very successfully as a sci-fi action novel, a terrorist suspense thriller, an implicit critique on religious fundamentalism and also as a psychological/metaphysical detective story.

       The interrogation of Jel Hal Kinima by Jim Long, is of course one of the highlights of the novel – a masterly piece of dramatic exposition, in my opinion, in which Jim slowly, surgically, psychologically breaks down Kinima’s illusions – comparisons with the parable of the Grand Inquisitor in Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov even sprung to mind!...’

AESOP Editorial.

Amazing science fiction/fantasy novel

written the way sci-fi was meant to be!

The Battle of the Archangels is an amazing ride through the astral world. Although it's the fifth book in the Jim Long series, it totally stands alone and readers like me (who have not YET read the previous four) can not only easily follow the storyline but will develop a kinship with the hero, Jim Long. You can feel the author's respect for the sci-fi/fantasy genre in every word. The action is awesome as Jim Long goes deep into dark areas of malevolent thought and emotion to explore the relationship between God, man and Archangels. Terrific read!

Amp –Philadelphia

Whether you are a teenager or a more mature reader you will enjoy Battle of the Archangels. Jim Long stands out as he travels the afterlife astral trying to understand the mayhem and chaos reaching down to the physical existence. The touches of humour are fast with pace between Jim and his girlfriend Janine and fellow officer’s Gail farmer and Norman Clarke. A visit to the Akashic records of all time, past and present throws him into an even deeper spin. Good, imaginative and profound, you’ll enjoy it!  …………PW London

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The protagonist, Jim Long is a high ranking officer in the Galaxy Police Federation set in a future world based near the centre of our galaxy. He and his two fellow officers are people of high moral and ethical standards in relationship to their profession and beliefs. All three are of a high intellectual standard bereft of any verbal profanity except for simple humourous innuendo. The flamboyant but deep persona of Jim against the ‘standoffish’ cold exterior of Gail and the rather ‘muddled’ thoughts of a unique engineer, Norman encase them in a ‘brotherly/sisterly’ love and spat situation. Three superb professionals working in normal and extraordinary environments of danger and adventure. They carry out the orders and instructions of the federation inviting and helping new world members to reach high standards of ethical understanding. Jim and his crew have a bracelet on their left and right wrists that connect to two huge biological computers set at the centre of the planet Krakor headquarters of the federation. Jim controls them all allowing inter-dimensional and astral access. These two massive computers at the centre of a future world give access to other dimensions using a physical transition and an out of body spiritual transition to the astral realms or the second life existence (afterlife).

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Astral science fiction/fantasy explores the dimensions or realms of physical and spiritual existence. It pursues the theory of a dual body of ethereal and physical properties – a  2 in 1 existence. (Jim Long astral space agent)  

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Galaxy Collision

The physical world is slowly thrown into a chaotic and disruptive phase causing, Jim and crew to investigate a trail leading to the astral realms. On the trail to discovery he learns the truth of the universe and its composition and structure. He ploughs through a world encapsulating wonder and desolation finding answers from glowing beings, some who use duplicity and misinformation.    

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Come inside and find the real you. Mysticism is about you - and only you. It is about right and wrong - good and bad. You are split into two major levels - High Self & Low Self.

Can we create our own religion?

A most profound question asked is, why are we here? After the daily chores of work and leisure we would all like to know the answer. Is it just to create more life? Is it to test us in an environment where physical flesh can be destroyed? The answer might be more simple than you think.

ALL INTEREST BOOKS UPDATE 27-DEC-2014 HI FRIENDS & READERS Try out these Two Cracking books Fiction and Non fiction Many Thanks  Robin The art of  Mystic Thinking FREE HANDBOOK for JIM LONG SPACE AGENT