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Visit the Almond Trees in California’s Central Valley

Landscape with flowering almond trees, a mountain with fields and crows

The central valley of California is an arid desert that covers most of the State of California. It is an expansive flatland that dominates the inner interior of California. It is roughly 40 to 60 miles in width and covers approximately 550 miles from northwest to southeast, northwest to northeast, and inland from the Pacific Ocean.

The San Joaquin valley, which is in the northern part of the Central Valley, is the home of California’s large urban centers of Los Angeles, Stockton, Fresno, and Bakersfield. These urban centers are centered around the almond orchards which produce one-third of the state’s almonds.

The almond orchards and the steep mountains in the hills of the Central Valley are separated by high, rough-heeled mountains that dominate the landscape. The high cliffs give the impression of a huge mountain range covering the western side of the valley floor.

The best time to visit the almond trees is in the late winter or early spring. The flowers will be at their peak and ready for the pollinators when they are coming out of their shell. 

The mountains are covered with alpine meadows, brushy meadows, beautiful wildflower shows, and wild bird species, among other features. The wild and exotic plants in the orchards provide a colorful and diverse environment for wildflowers to grow throughout the year.