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The Colossal Costa Rica

Hanging bridge over a tropical forest in Costa Rica.

When you go to Costa Rica, it’s easy to get lost as the landscape and culture are so incredibly varied. But if you’re adventurous, you’ll love it.

Costa Rica has a proud history, starting way back in 1492 before Christopher Columbus set sail. It was then that Spanish colonizers called it New Spain, because it was unlike anything else they’d seen. Today, it’s a Central American country with beautiful coastline, lush rainforests, and amazing volcanoes. 

This small country is full of rich history and culture, with lots to offer both tourists and adventure seekers. If you’re new to Costa Rica, you will find that is offers a variety of activities and vacations from scuba diving, hiking, bird watching, and even white water rafting. In fact, you’re sure to find something of interest to interest everyone. 

Here are some things you shouldn’t visit when you visit Costa Rica:

National Parks

There are amazing National Parks scattered throughout the country. One of the most popular are the Volcanic Islands, with several volcanic bodies of water at their cores. You will also want to visit the Carara National Park, the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere, and the Sacred Valley National Park.

Other parks you should visit include the Chaweng River Delta, Popoyo National Park, and the southern part of Corcovado National Park. You’ll be able to enjoy all these sites and more during a road trip, so you’re assured to enjoy every minute of it. 

Costa Rica Cuisine

Costa Rica’s cuisine is unique, using local ingredients such as chorizo and plantains. You’ll also be delighted by the strong aroma of chili peppers.

Costa Rica’s national dish, a locally-made enchilada, is made using corn meal, beans, onion, tomato paste, salt, pepper, cumin, and garlic. It’s creamy, spicy, and healthy-make sure to add plenty of tomatoes and green peppers for added protein.

Up-close to Nature

Nature tripping is also popular on vacation trips to Costa Rica. You can hike through tropical forests, visit wildlife refuges, and even get to know birds and insects on your travels.

In San Jose, for example, you can volunteer at the World Wildlife Fund, where you can help rehabilitate local animals and plants. If you’re traveling to remote areas, you may want to consider a nature guide, which can help you discover new wildlife and plant life.

Water, Water, Water

Another popular activity is water sports, which range from white water rafting to kayaking and snorkeling. Costa Rica boasts more than 100 rivers, and if you’re interested in water exploring, you’re in luck.

Aside from local rivers, there are two hydroelectric dams in the area, which offer countless activities including water skiing, banana boat racing, river rafting, wakeboarding, windsurfing, sailing, and more. Some of the most popular rivers include the Manzanillo and Nuqui, which offer excellent canoeing, kayaking, and boating opportunities.

The Culture

Costa Rica’s culture is diverse, with lots of options for those looking to travel to the island. One thing that’s popular for tourists is dancing, which you can do at local bars and clubs or in tourist spots like San Jose.

Another popular option is percussion art, which is performed using large drums, bells, and other tools. You can learn percussion dance at any of the many dance studios and workshops in San Jose and San Miguel.

Costa Rica has beautiful beaches, too, and tourists often choose to explore the rainforests, which offer an abundance of animals and plants.

Final Thoughts

If you have always wanted to visit Costa Rica, then you should visit this incredible country that is the epitome of a beautiful and lush jungle filled with waterfalls, volcanoes, exotic beaches, and more. This beautiful place is also one of the most politically stable countries in South America.

One of the best parts about Costa Rica is that there is no reason that you cannot find exactly what you are looking for when it comes to vacation destinations. There is a wide variety of options for every type of budget. Therefore, if you are looking for a beautiful tropical location to visit, then you will not be disappointed by Costa Rica.