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Bird Watching on the Oregon Coast

Oregon coast bird watching is an experience that is hard to beat. Wildlife watching is something that every outdoor enthusiast can appreciate, and bird watching on the Oregon coast is one of the most popular locations for nature lovers.

Wildlife Watching Tours

Wildlife watching is one of the fastest-growing recreational activities in America, and the Oregon coast has about 450 species of beautiful creatures to be seen and enjoyed.

Oregon wildlife watching tours are not only a great way to experience the incredible nature in Oregon but also a great way to get close to some of Oregon’s rarest species, such as the Rogue River Otter.

Oregon wildlife tours can take you into the most remote and beautiful parts of Oregon and allow you to see some of the most unique and endangered species of birds and animals.

There are many things to keep in mind when planning a wildlife tour of Oregon, and these include determining which route you want to take and choosing the type of tour best suited for your needs.

If you plan on taking an Oregon wildlife tour on foot, you may want to consider taking a guided tour of some of the state’s parks and forests. This will allow you to see some of the most popular wildlife in the wild while you’re still relatively close to where you’re going.

If you plan on taking a vehicle on your Oregon wildlife tour, it is essential to consider choosing the right tour company. Choose one that offers expert guides who can assist you throughout your trip, especially when driving through wildlife areas.

When you are on an Oregon wildlife tour, you can see some of the very rarest types of birds in the wild. There are so many birds species to be found on the Oregon coast that if you know how to see them, you can see many of the birds that are not in season, even when there are no reports of bird flocks in your area.

For example, you can often find the American Goldenseal on the Oregon coast to be found in large numbers in the fall and winter months of the year. Because goldenseals are shy by nature, they are rarely seen in the wild, so you will often see them during their mating season.

If you are a birdwatcher, there are so many different species of birds on the coast that will provide you with hours of enjoyment. The Oregon coast has something for everyone, whether you are interested in spotting songbirds, or maybe you are more interested in spotting sea birds like blue herons and surf birds like terns.…

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Best Florida Golf Courses

For most golfers, Florida is synonymous with golf courses. Florida is home to many of the finest golf courses in America.

Whether you are looking for an area to spend some time on a beautiful course or an outdoor oasis to relax and enjoy the cool breeze, Florida golf courses are a great place to spend the day. A good golf course is a place to relax, unwind, and get away from it all for a few hours.

World-Famous Golf Courses in Florida

Royal Palm Golf Club

The Royal Palm Golf Club is a championship golf course. This golf course is one of the oldest golf courses when the first eighteen holes were played in 1794.

Royal Palm has hosted many important events such as the Master’s Tournament, Senior’s Tournament, and the St. Petersburg Ladies Club Championship.

Royal Palm is considered to be one of the most challenging courses in the United States. There are eighteen-foot holes, nine eighteen-yard par four holes, four eighteen-yard par-five holes, two eighteen-yard par six holes, and one eighteen-yard par seven holes.

This golf course includes ten bunkers, two short of the American Tour Golf Association’s eighteen. There is green inside the clubhouse that you can use for practice before playing the course.

Doral Golf Club

When you visit the Dora Golf Club in Florida, you will notice that it is very different than other golf courses.

The Dora Golf has a unique design that is a mixture of several various golf courses that include different greens that have been created and holes that are unique in their way.

This means that each hole you hit with the ball goes on a different course, which can be very exciting. If you are looking to play golf and get a better game, you will find an excellent course that you will like.

Pine Knoll Course

One of the US’s best golf courses is the famous Pine Knoll course, situated in Florida’s most beautiful areas.

Pine Knoll is also located in one of the most popular golf resorts in the country, making it one of the best.

Gulf Gate Resort and Golf Club

Of all the golf resorts in Florida, the most popular is the Gulf Gate Resort and Golf Club. This club was established by the famous golf game player Jack Nicklaus and has been around since 1960.

Final Thoughts

There are many golf course resorts throughout Florida, and these are just a few of them mentioned here. You can take the advice of the owners of the website that sell golf carts, and visit all of them!

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Where to Stay in the Fraser Valley

The Fraser Valley is home to some of the finest scenery in British Columbia. From the majestic mountains to the beautiful lakes and streams, the area has something for everyone. Here are some suggestions on where to stay while visiting the area.

Vacation Rentals near The Fraser Valley Trail are among the most popular in the area. Here you will find a wide range of homes, condos, luxury vacation rentals, and cottages.

There are many condos choices in Vancouver, and many are located within walking distance to restaurants, shops, and major attractions. Many of these condos also include amenities such as pools, gyms, and hot tubs.

The best thing about a vacation rental in the Fraser Valley is that it offers a chance to experience the area to its fullest. The hotels are all well-known and provide excellent service. You will have everything you need for your vacation right in the area. These are also located near some of the most beautiful attractions in the area.

No matter which choice you make for your next vacation, the region is sure to be an enjoyable adventure. So go ahead and take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way. You will find that you cannot go wrong in this part of Canada.

In addition to the beautiful area, the restaurants in the area are world-class. Restaurants are serving Canadian favorites such as lamb or salmon. Also, there are seafood restaurants that specialize in fresh seafood.

The area is home to some great nightlife as well. The bars and nightclubs are packed with all types of music, from punk rock to jazz. You can enjoy great food and great music, as well as the spectacular scenery of the area.

Visit the area in the summer months. You can find the area to be a wonderful place to spend your day or weekend doing everything from hiking, horseback riding, enjoying the beaches, fishing, or simply strolling around.…

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Nanjing, China

Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province in China, is about 300 kilometers away from the city of Beijing. It has been the capital city during much of the Ming Dynasty.

Pagodas & More

Many beautiful monuments and sites remain, like the Shuangliu Pagoda, a restored 14th-century section of this vast walled wall. The Songlu Pagoda, which used to be a small monastery, is a site of religious significance for both Buddhists and Catholics.

Because it is situated in Jiangsu, there are many excellent historical sites and museums. There are many beautiful places in Nanjing, but visitors often find themselves drawn to the impressive ancient and fascinating locations in central Nanjing. Among these are the Grand People’s library, Nanjing’s Forbidden City, and the Grand Theatre.


Baidingdui is a famous place to see in the north of Nanjing. It is named after a nearby stream and is easily found by a car trip through the city.

Near the stream’s mouth, visitors will find this historical area with several narrow lanes leading in all directions. You can navigate a car smoothly through the narrow, winding roads, and it is not difficult to navigate through the maze of alleyways. A good view of the north bank of this stream, a small bridge, can be reached by a short walk on foot.

Feng Shui is significant in Nanjing and the whole area around Baidingdui, known for its Feng Shui influence throughout the world. A well-designed home or office is an indicator of a healthy Feng Shui environment.

Visitors to Baidingdui can enjoy a relaxing walk and a few hours of quiet contemplation. Several popular restaurants are devoted to Chinese cooking and offer some wonderful delicacies.

Modern Conveniences Too

In addition to the fascinating history of Nanjing and the influence of Feng Shui on its present culture, tourists will be happy to learn that the city offers a wide variety of interesting, modern conveniences. These include a variety of modern shopping centers, such as the Dongcheng Mall and the Nanjing Mall. The former is located along the Nanjing River, one of the great rivers of ancient China. It offers visitors many opportunities for sightseeing, river cruises, river rafting, and fishing.

Every budget has numerous attractions, from museums, ancient monuments to modern shopping centers and restaurants. If you would like to have a more hands-on experience than a museum or shopping center can offer, you can try a tour of the ancient city, or even visit the famous Nanjing Pearl.…

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Top Destinations To Visit Post-COVID

The world might be on lockdown at the moment, but we won’t stay this way forever. We will come out soon. And when we are free to travel, we’ll enjoy what we have missed for the time we’ve been under lockdown. 

To get us excited, here are top destinations that you need to plan and visit post-COVID. 

  1. Cities Around the World

If you’re a fan of touring different cities in the world, you know how it’s not the right time. But you can now start planning your dream vacation to your favorite cities. 

From fancy cities like Dubai, shopping cities like Paris, crowded cities like Mumbai, to artistic cities like Florence, the list is endless to where you can go to. 

Now is the time to find your dream city and plan to visit. 

  1. Amazing Beaches

It’s unfortunate how you can’t pick your travel bag and fly to the Maldives for amazing beach time. First, there are travel restrictions all over. Secondly, it’s not safe for anyone to be at the beach right now. 

But when COVID clears the air, you are free to fly away like a bad and land to your favorite beach. 

Plan to visit amazing beaches of Diani in Kenya, Hawaii, or Madagascar. 

At the moment, do your research to find a beach with all activities that would wish to engage in. Then once you’re ready, fly there and relax on the sandy beaches with coconut on your other hand. 

  1. Historical Sites

Before COVID, historical sites are always crowded. People go in large numbers to see great sites that have stood the test of times. 

From the pyramids in Egypt to ancient cities in Greece and Israel, there is so much you can enjoy out there. You’ll be amazed to learn that some structures have been in existence for over a million years, and they’re still strong. 

Unfortunately, now is not the best time to go and see these sites. But a time is coming when you can move freely as you would wish. 

Just like all the other places we’ve mentioned, now it’s time to plan. Find other friends who could be interested in traveling with you and plan together. 

  1. African Safaris

There is no other place to enjoy safaris. Africa is the home of almost every animal species. From the big five to other animals that aren’t found elsewhere. 

When you visit places like Kenya, you will get the rare opportunity to see world beast migration. One of the seven world wonders. You’ll see the world beast moving from Masai Mara national park in Kenya to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. 

So, if you’re still not sure where to go post-COVID, Africa Safari is something to consider. 

Last Words

The list of the things you can do post-COVID is endless. What’s important is to find destinations that would make you happy or give you the satisfaction you’re looking for. Plan now and when the world re-opens, go and enjoy what you’ve missed all this long.

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