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Best Florida Golf Courses

For most golfers, Florida is synonymous with golf courses. Florida is home to many of the finest golf courses in America.

Whether you are looking for an area to spend some time on a beautiful course or an outdoor oasis to relax and enjoy the cool breeze, Florida golf courses are a great place to spend the day. A good golf course is a place to relax, unwind, and get away from it all for a few hours.

World-Famous Golf Courses in Florida

Royal Palm Golf Club

The Royal Palm Golf Club is a championship golf course. This golf course is one of the oldest golf courses when the first eighteen holes were played in 1794.

Royal Palm has hosted many important events such as the Master’s Tournament, Senior’s Tournament, and the St. Petersburg Ladies Club Championship.

Royal Palm is considered to be one of the most challenging courses in the United States. There are eighteen-foot holes, nine eighteen-yard par four holes, four eighteen-yard par-five holes, two eighteen-yard par six holes, and one eighteen-yard par seven holes.

This golf course includes ten bunkers, two short of the American Tour Golf Association’s eighteen. There is green inside the clubhouse that you can use for practice before playing the course.

Doral Golf Club

When you visit the Dora Golf Club in Florida, you will notice that it is very different than other golf courses.

The Dora Golf has a unique design that is a mixture of several various golf courses that include different greens that have been created and holes that are unique in their way.

This means that each hole you hit with the ball goes on a different course, which can be very exciting. If you are looking to play golf and get a better game, you will find an excellent course that you will like.

Pine Knoll Course

One of the US’s best golf courses is the famous Pine Knoll course, situated in Florida’s most beautiful areas.

Pine Knoll is also located in one of the most popular golf resorts in the country, making it one of the best.

Gulf Gate Resort and Golf Club

Of all the golf resorts in Florida, the most popular is the Gulf Gate Resort and Golf Club. This club was established by the famous golf game player Jack Nicklaus and has been around since 1960.

Final Thoughts

There are many golf course resorts throughout Florida, and these are just a few of them mentioned here. You can take the advice of the owners of the website that sell golf carts, and visit all of them!