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Morocco Sahara Odyssey: What to Expect

Morocco is located in North Africa, in the Sahara Desert. It is often referred to as the “Land of the Gateways”. There are numerous attractions that can be found in this North African country.

In addition to the well known places such as Marrakesh, Tangiers, Casablanca and Fes, there are many lesser known locales such as Ait Benhaddou, Mezher, Meknes, Beit Jbel Toubkal, etc.

This vast area also includes the smaller Berber and Arab towns which have their own unique culture, tradition and attractions. T

he Morocco Sahara Odyssey offers guests a chance to visit these various locales while experiencing the wonderful sights of the desert.

On your Morocco Sahara Odyssey, you will first experience the unique Moroccan ambiance with Moroccan cuisine and the finest wine. The desert and the dunes provide for an experience unlike any other. Throughout the journey you will be treated to views of the blue men, the snake charmers, the desert cowboys and much more.


On the way you will arrive at your first destination – the ancient Medina. The Medina boasts of beautiful sand dunes that are perfect for the tourist’s vehicle. As you travel along the desert, you will pass by the many guesthouses where the chefchaouen will prepare your meals.


A must see on your Morocco Sahara Odyssey is the town of Fes. It is a very large town with a lot of tourist activities and interesting sights. A common scene in Fes is the bazaar, which sells everything from fruits to crafts to jewelry.

There are also many shops that display Moroccan art, traditional jewelry and carpets. One of the most famous places in Fes is the Atlas Studios, which is a museum where one can see works of local artists and contemporary artists. This town also offers a lot of entertainment such as snake charmers, fezzes, camel safaris and wind surfing.


You will then proceed to Rabat, one of the most exciting cities of north Africa. It has a very cosmopolitan feel and there are various restaurants where you can enjoy lunch and dinner.

Rabat is also a great place to explore the city and there is a very good chance to enjoy lunch and dinner in the palace gardens. For those on a very tight budget, you can splurge on the luxurious hotel in Rabat where you can relax during the day and relax at night.

Final Thoughts

Morocco is a great place to visit and it is an excellent base to explore the various regions of north Africa. The climate is perfect for both summer and winter and there is never an occasion when you are unable to go out for a party or a beach.

Morocco is also a safe country, so you can go visit anytime of the year.…

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